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The following is a list of important clinical studies that document the paramount importance of micronutrients and nutrition in maintaining optimum health. Imagine, if this natural health information had not have been suppressed by the "business of disease" for decades. How many lives could have been saved? Don't you think it is time for change? We encourage you to use the following health information whether you are a patient, health professional or politician, whether you are living in an industrialized country or in a developing country. There are thousands of years of observation, coupled with modern scientific studies that have established traditional herbal medicines and now NHPs as safe, effective and low-risk. It is our history to preserve.


The following is a list of important Clinical Studies that document the paramount importance of micronutrients and nutrition in maintaining optimum health. It will be hard to find a more comprehensive "library" on the health benefits of vitamins, micronutrients and nutrition in the battle against today's most common diseases of the industrialized and the developing world.

Nutrition Journal is an open access, peer-reviewed journal published by BioMed Central. As the journal is open access, all articles are freely accessible.

This link goes to referenced lists of supplements, herbals and foods to books and articles you can refer to. Click on latest news when you get there too. The natural health articles are amazing!

Article with extensive referencing by Dr Robert Verkerk from the Alliance for Natural Health, UK on the case for nutritional supplementation

Find unlimited studies in natural health.

Dr Linus Pauling, was twice awarded the Nobel Prize and is often referred to as the "Father of Vitamin C" for research it’s anti-cancer activity within the body.

The Linus Pauling Institute focuses on micronutrient research for optimum health. Major areas of research encompass cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, cancer, aging, immune function, and neurodegenerative diseases.


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